Pattaya, Nite Life Unlimited

peop0058A.jpg (10789 bytes) Only a couple of  hours southeast of Bangkok is the seaside resort of Pattaya. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Pattaya, other than the bright blue sails, the gentle green hills, or the glittering silvery sand, is its legendary nightlife. Here, there is never a dull moment, especially if you are a night worshipper. Nightlife is eternally young at this seaside resort with over 2,000 bars, nightclubs and discos.

Amy Smith

While the picnic basket is being packed and the beach mat is being put away at sunset time, Pattaya’s nightspots begin to awaken for the free-spirited souls. Colorful neon lights begin to flash one by one; to signify the beginning of the night out. A variety of night havens: beer bars, top star lounges, a go-go shows and laser-lit discos await.

Among the more interesting venues are the Marine Bar and Disco. The Marine Bar is a great fun spot. There are around a billion young local ladies at the bar, and lots of Thai fisticuffs (Thai kick boxing). This is  arguably one of the most "get-down." places.

There’s boogie type discos, too. Disco Duck at the Little Duck Hotel is another wild spot. With a fantastic mix of live and recorded music, this is a great spot for those who like to be with the "in crowd". Lighting is controlled by a couple of crazies in a booth up near the roof. The effects they get with more than 1,000 spotlights has got to be seen to be believed. If the booth gets too hot to boogie, grab a coffee out at Duck Corner restaurant. This venue has everything.

For a way out of futuristic boogie, get down to the Palladium Disco, which is among the largest and wildest discos in Asia. With lights swinging and smoke clouds billowing, it’s not hard to imagine you’ve somehow warped into a scene from "Close Encounters," only of the Thai kind nitelfe.jpg (5884 bytes)
Of course, there are so many other spots that I can't mention due to lack of space. But together, they give Pattaya an ambience of its own.

Make a date to spend a fun night at one of these top resort spots and you and several thousand instant friends will have a ball.


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