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Without the weather 90 per cent of all conversations wouldn't take place says one philosopher. The weather is open to opinion and interpretation. Well let's face it, the weather in Indochina is not like in any part of North America.  Most guide books or "authoritative sources" will  tell you the best and worst times of year to travel to and through Indochina. Most of them will read like this "this month through that month are the hottest, while this other month is the coolest". Don't kid yourself it's always hot;  hot and dry or hot and wet. If your clients are going to Indochina for the weather then stop them right then and there. Indochina has much more to offer.

The references you have heard to the "off season", torrential rains, etc. should be taken with a grain of salt. Yes, it does rain torrentially, however just for an hour or so. Yes, the streets do flood once in a while, but this should only affect your clients who are campers or going to remote areas. Plan for your clients during these times; tours in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya or even Phuket where there is a sufficient infrastructure to deal with the "weather". Don't postpone! The low season in Indochina is June through October. That's when the majority of tourists, the Europeans and Asians, stay home because its warm where they are.

If you look at sites like"" you will get the impression that it rains everyday all day, this is not true. Please ask us for referrals of the many guests who have been there during those "low season" times.

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